Thursday, November 10, 2011

You know you're a bird hunter when...

You retire 10 years early with no plan other than to hunt birds everywhere they exist.

You own an equal number of shotguns and bird dogs.

Your hunting truck cost more than your daily driver.

You realize that ALL your good friends are also bird hunters.

You take your best dog and a shotgun on an elk hunting trip -- planning to shoot the first legal elk you see and spend the rest of the two weeks hunting birds.

You wife AUTOMATICALLY assumes that you have some special bit of hunting gear in mind for Christmas.

You look in you closet and you have more hunting boots than dress shoes.

You spend more time in Montana than in your second home in the Caribbean.

When you do go to the Caribbean with your wife, you are invited to shoot birds by your friends... and you go.

Your vet bill equals or exceeds your own medical expenses.

You spend your cross country flight time looking out the plane window trying to spot likely places to go in the Fall.

You realize that all your non-hunting friends have given up on you... you're getting more invites to go hunting than to attend Christmas parties.


Unknown said...

Sounds about right to me!

Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

I'm a bird hunter! I'd spend all my time and $$ on chasing bird dogs! Why would you want to shoot and elephant? Or elk for that matter?!!?

Jared Tappero said...

Mike; just bought myself a wingworks vest...penny-loafers never crossed my mind. Weather permitting I will be hunting the entire week of Thanksgiving. Hope all is well, Jared

Peter Houser said...

I failed the "equal number of dogs and shotguns". Both are constrained by my spouse. She tolerates occasional additions to my gun inventory but holds the line at two setters. Most of the other qualities were a pretty good match.

LRR said...

You forgot a few;

You idea of a fashion accessory is a whistle lanyard.

You remember your dog's birthdays easier than your wife's.

When your blaze orange hunting gear collection has grown so large it takes over your wife's walk-in closet.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog so dearly. Me too love hunting and now I gues I have already completed my hunting gear.Just be careful though always keep a keen eye.