Friday, July 10, 2020

Bird Dog

With Indian Head Intrigue
photo by Holly Higgins
Deep chest, slim flank, great heart to stand the pace
And that unerring wizardry of scent
To trail the quarry in it's secret place;
Power and cunning, speed and wisdom blent -
these are the immemorial gifts that came
Out of  forgotten time's unfathomed gulf;
These are the fierce ancestral fires and flame
Undimmed, unchanged still - Son of Wolf.
Grave eyes, grave bearing, dignity of kings;
The gentleness and trust of a child;
The flawless poise that veils old savage things
But half remembered from the vanished wild -
These are the kingly qualities that came
On unremembered fields where sports began;
This is the clear glow of a steady flame
Undimmed, unchanging still - Comrade of Man
                                                       C.T. Davis