Friday, August 16, 2013

Little updates

I have been neglecting my blog tasks. If you are a follower, I apologize. I have been rebuilding an old 1947 Willys CJ2A and this, plus work, plus the usual buzz of life have kept me busy.

I have been fooling with my new setter pup - Andy - and it looks like he will not disappoint. Now going on seven months I have spent enough time with him to actually provide him with a registered name - Wenaha Black Storm.

We (the dogs and I) are heading to NE Montana in a few weeks for annual summer training. Mostly a chance to run - and hopefully, train - the dogs on wild sharp-tails and Huns. I'll be there with my friend Paul Garrett. Living in a pasture in the Airstream with nobody around should help clear my head.

For the dove season opener, Pete and I will be in Imperial County, not far from Yuma and the Mexican border. Last couple years we have done well on mouring doves, white wings, and collared dove.

I have also pruned the blog list down and fixed a major omission - I added the Mallard of Discontent to the list. If you have not yet visited Chad's blog, please do so... the voice of passionate reason.