Saturday, March 25, 2017

Renewed threats to Public Lands and cyanide bombs

I expect that most people most likely to be effected know by now that public lands are again threatened by the very short term thinking (thinking??) of Washington politicos. It's the Sagebrush Rebellion all over again. Cliven Bundy must be thrilled. Well maybe not, because he would have to actually buy, or at least pay taxes on, the land that he has grazed so long for free.

That's right. The pendulum has swung back to those extractive industries that currently pay bottom dollar to graze, scrape, dig, and log our public lands. OUR public lands. That they view as potentially THEIR PRIVATE lands.

Turning Federal lands over to the states is a potential bonanza for the states and their special friends. How long would it take for these states to sell, or even give away, these lands. And our access to these lands would be done. Forever.

Please support groups who are opposing public lands transfer - Trout Unlimited and Back Country Hunters and Anglers This is the least that you can do.

I have also been reading Greg McReynolds latest post on A Mouthful of Feathers about the continued use of cyanide bombs that are deadly to anyone who stumbles across one. They are designed to kill coyotes but are just as attractive to your bird dog - and just as deadly. There is no excuse for setting these deadly booby traps on any land - public or private.