Wednesday, February 3, 2021


Mike Gaddis' "Duel on Tabernacle Mountain" is a great read. A tale of an amazing young setter, and his nemesis, a wily ruffed grouse "wisdom bird." Duel is a page-turner, a must-read for all upland bird hunters who appreciate a good bird dog, and love to see one work. The book was published in a limited edition of 200 copies; leather bound with gilded edges, and presented in a one-time only, heirloom-quality, signed, numbered, and individually personalized. Find it at

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Indian Head Whiski - Jim


Jim is turning out to be quite a bird dog. I've had him out several times this season hunting both chukar and pheasant. Chukar seem to be a bit easier on him than these cagey old roosters. The chukar have been holding a little better, and even if they do run a little in front of the dog, you can usually put them up. When a dog points chukar you generally get some form of bird-work; even if it's chasing them across a hillside and having them flush wild on you. Roosters just seem to disappear; vanish. It's aggravating. Prior to pointing this old bird Jim had several very staunch points which had me running to the front of him and flushing like a mad man; to no avail. He was pointing with such intensity I thought a bird was there; hen or rooster I just wanted to flush him a bird. After trying to kick a bird out for a minute or so, I'd release him, and off we'd go hunting again. When this rooster hit the ground I cut Jim loose so he could get his mouth on the bird; he pounced on it, he mouthed and pawed at it, he snarfed it and got a general nose-full. Based on his reaction after reaching the bird, it seemed to be just what he needed......

Monday, December 7, 2020

Pups First Covey

Photo By Holly Higgins
IH Pearls Blindsider (Miller's Blindsider X Pearl Again), was aquired earlier this year from Daniels Kennels, of Bronwood, Georgia."Val" has been hunted in chukar country several times now and has pointed a covey each time she has been down; a great start for a young dog. Val is showing high style on her birds and points with intensity. She's also making great progress in her yard work, roading off the ATV, and with pigeons in the bird field. Quiet in the kennel and easy to be around, Val is a nice addition to the string.


Sunday, November 29, 2020


Brisk this morning; about 12-degrees. I had just fed the dogs a cold-morning ration of feed with warm water, thrown the horses a couple flakes each and broke the one-inch-thick sheet of ice on their water trough. Looking to the east as I headed to the house for another cup of coffee, the sun was just ready to summit the distant juniper-covered ridges; quail and coyotes were sounding-off in the distance, ravens patrolling the roads for rabbits and other varmints which had had a bad night. After that cup of coffee it'll be time to fill dog waters and do the essential kennel maintenance. So-begins another day......

Monday, November 9, 2020

My Opener

 I generally consider November 1 the start of my upland hunting season. I'm not a fan of opening day crowds, mosquitos, pin feathers, or the heat, or snakes.... I like to run two or three dogs a day, one at a time; and in the early season, when it's hot, it's tough to do that. By November things have started to cool off, the crowds have thinned a little, and hopefully my dogs are tuned-up and ready to hunt. This past weekend there was a skiff of snow on the ground, a cool north wind, and things felt just right with a couple layers of wool up top, heavy pants and socks down below, nice gloves; perfect conditions......

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Ch. Indian Head Abbigale RIP


Sired by multiple All Age Champion, Kelly Talk'n Smak and out of the pre-potent dam, Ch. Wells Fargo Mollie, Abbigale was heavy to Ch. Fiddlin Rocky Boy, top and bottom. Style and intensity on game is trademark of her Fiddler-bred predesessors, and she had a ton of it as well. Whelped on April 18, 2009, Abbigale left us September 18 of 2020. 

Friday, July 10, 2020

Bird Dog

With Indian Head Intrigue
photo by Holly Higgins
Deep chest, slim flank, great heart to stand the pace
And that unerring wizardry of scent
To trail the quarry in it's secret place;
Power and cunning, speed and wisdom blent -
these are the immemorial gifts that came
Out of  forgotten time's unfathomed gulf;
These are the fierce ancestral fires and flame
Undimmed, unchanged still - Son of Wolf.
Grave eyes, grave bearing, dignity of kings;
The gentleness and trust of a child;
The flawless poise that veils old savage things
But half remembered from the vanished wild -
These are the kingly qualities that came
On unremembered fields where sports began;
This is the clear glow of a steady flame
Undimmed, unchanging still - Comrade of Man
                                                       C.T. Davis