Monday, April 16, 2018

Sage Grouse

Photo by Holly Higgins
Sage Grouse are congregating on their ancestral strutting/breeding grounds called "leks" throughout the Great Basin right now. The cocks have been on the leks since late winter awaiting the arrival of the hens. Now that the hens are arriving, the courtship ritual of strutting, fanning of tail-feathers, wing movements, and the inflating and deflating of brightly colored air sacs by the cocks will ensue. From this strutting display the females will then choose the most attractive male to breed with.The grouse pictured above were spotted on a lek in eastern Oregon.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

CH Indian Head Abbigale

Photo by Lauren Allen
At 10-years old, "Abbi" has been officially retired from field trial competition. Whelped in April of 2008, she was sired by multiple All-Age CH Kelly Talkin' Smak, and out of the exceptional bitch CH Wells Fargo Mollie. Her style and intensity on point, intelligence, ability to find birds, and willingness to handle, made her a great competitor. Abbi culminated a total of 17 certified wins per the American Field FDSB. In 2013 she placed Runner-Up in the AFTCA National Amateur Chukar Championship at Red Rock, Reno, Nevada. The following fall she tallied her only Championship win in the 2014 California Shooting Dog Championship at Copperopolis, California. She completed her career with a Runner-Up placement in the 2017 California Championship at Hornitos Ranch, Hornitos, California. Although no longer competing in field trials, she will continue to be hunted on chukar, huns, pheasant, and quail at any opportunity.