Monday, January 22, 2018

The Reward

More often than not, about the only thing I come off the mountain with after a day spent chukar hunting is a pair of sore legs. When I do get a couple birds I usually pick them clean of feathers, and in the process, try to leave as much of the skin on them as I can; which is tough because it's so easily torn and separates from the body readily. Lately I've been brining my birds after I dress them out. I have found the skin seems to hold that salty brine in it, adding a lot of flavor to the bird. The brine also draws residual blood out of the body parts and adds some juiciness and flavor to the meat; just don't over cook it. Here I butterflied a brined bird, spiced it up with a little Kosher salt and coarse-ground pepper, and grilled it. On the side are a couple carrot halves and a slaw I dressed with a honey-dijon vinaigrette. The wine was a California Syrah.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The String.....

Dogs all staked-out after the morning hunt on a beautiful day in central Oregon, November 2017. With fresh snow the night before, the morning was crisp, and the afternoon sun warm......

Indian Head Whiski - Jim

Photo by Holly Higgins
I acquired Indian Head Whiski (Jim), last May from Sheldon and Barbara Twer of Twer Kennels, Oakdale, CA. Jim's sire is Kelly's IB Wells, he by Ch. Kelly Talkin' Smak, and his dam is Idaho Lucky Sweep, she by Ch. Idaho's Clean Sweep. Jim is just 10-months old and is showing promise. He's a big front-running pup with a lot of style and ground speed. I've had him on birds and he's holding well to the flush then chasing. Soon I'll be starting the breaking process and taking the chase out of him. In the yard I've been focusing on his recall, heeling and whoaing, and loading into the crate. He's a smart pup, showing boldness and confidence, and has taken to his initial field work and yard work well.