Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Little Excercise

Just before Christmas a big storm came through northeastern California and dumped about two-feet of fresh snow at our place; it was the first big storm of the year.  Then a couple days later overnight temps dropped into the single-digits, with daytime highs in the low-to mid twenties.  This weather pattern stuck around for about three weeks.  Snow had settled to about half it's original depth, but the frigid  weather had made it rock hard. Finally last weekend it began to warm-up, the snow began to thaw and roads became accessible with my quad. The girls last bit of exercise was the day before the snow flew.  They had endured those three weeks of frigid weather doubled-up in their dog boxes, eating double rations, kennel-bound with no exercise; they were full of energy. Jane is in the front, Abbi and Kris off my hip, and Jessi is in the rear, unharnessed.