Thursday, March 29, 2018

Building a great slaw....

I think I nailed it with this cole slaw recipe; it has just the right amount of sweet, heat, and acidity. The ingredients include: half a red onion - julienned; a bundle of green onion - chopped;  two carrots - coarsely grated; a half-bunch of cilantro - leaves finely chopped; half a jalapeno - seeded, julienned, and finely chopped; half a head each of purple and green cabbage - julienned; cayenne pepper, kosher salt, coarse black pepper to taste. Combine all the processed ingredients in a large bowl and mix thoroughly. As for the dressing? Many recipes can be found doing a web search, but for store-bought, if I'm looking for a sweet slaw dressing, I go to Marie's cole slaw dressing and add a little apple cider vinegar to thin it and add a little acidity. The sweet dressing seems to go well with burgers, pork ribs, and fried chicken. With grilled game birds, beef steaks, beef ribs, and pork chops, I prefer a honey-dijon vinaigrette. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fairwell 2017 Bird Season

photo by Natalie Kuntz
The 2017 season was a good one, with broke dogs and puppies alike all having the opportunity to point and have birds flushed over them; we even stuck a few in the freezer. Now that the hunting season is over, the broke dogs will be spruced-up for the remaining field trials and the pups will start the breaking process. All will be in order before next fall.