Tuesday, February 18, 2020

On Point!

Photo by Holly Higgins
In this photo, Meg and Wheels are backing Gertie, which is just over the ridge, too the front, and out of the picture. This was the last hunt of the season and all three girls were put down together for the final-final. Wheels and Gertie had backed each other on previous hunts, but Meg had only seen the backing silhouette to that point. And the birds were there!

News From Chukar Country

After the Thanksgiving snows, and successive subsequent storms provided much needed moisture to the eastside, birds began to disburse and the hunting improved. Chukar could still be found in the clouds if you chose to go that high, but much of the front country was littered with birds as well; birds that were now finding fresh feed from the green-up which occurred across the landscape post precip. Both dogs and hunters were rewarded with birdwork, not just exercise....
By the end of the season birds had begun to pair up, so pairs and singles were let fly anticipating the clutches that might be produced this spring by these early cohabitors.