Sunday, October 21, 2012

A couple of short bits

I returned yesterday from a couple weeks in Oregon with Mike and stopped in the Owens Valley on the way back for the quail opener.  It was a warm day but we got into a few coveys and had some nice dog work before 10.00.  A couple of stellar moments ...

A sharpshin hawk was already working the area for quail when we arrived.  It seemed to welcome another hunter, slowly floating by within 20 feet of me at one point.  Soon after that it stooped on a quail that flushed wild, but the quail had a good head of steam and was headed down hill, so the hawk lost that race.  A few minutes later I killed a quail that dropped on open ground 30 yards below and to my left.  As I walked to pick it up the hawk stooped past me, grabbed the quail on the fly, and continued down the hill.  Tres cool.

Also, I shot (at) my first bird over a Maggie point.  She had quickly figured out that there were birds hiding in the low scrub and ran from bush to bush looking for scent.  She found a a bird that way, and held point for 10 seconds or so as I walked towards her, and I took a shot when the quail broke.  Wish I could say that I killed that bird, but I shot over the downhill quartering bird.  Anyway, Maggie is clearly on her way to a great career.