Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cody notches a win

Cody won the Western Open Derby Classic yesterday morning with a nice, rangy forward race and a good handle. He was handled by Sheldon Twer, who has been training and handling him since mid January. Last month Cody won the derby stake at the Oregon Open Shooting Dog Championship. 

I am very pleased. Thanks to the Bay Area BDC and to everyone who has helped get Cody this far - breeder Jerry Lewis, Terry Erickson, Paul Garrett, Tom Griffin, and, of course, Sheldon Twer. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I posted a photo of Maggie when she came home from the airport a few weeks ago. This past week she finished her vaccinations and now she is learning about being outdoors.
She has a good set of legs. Despite the difference in size, she has no trouble keeping up with our other setters, Rosie & Silk, much to their disappointment. She generally stays with me, disappearing for no more than a minute or two, but occasionally casts 100 to 200 yards. The Garmin Astro 320 is in the mail.