Sunday, November 13, 2011

East of San Diego

I've enjoyed some great hunts the last couple of weeks and will post a bit about them. First, a couple of weekends ago I hunted quail with Rosie (foreground, she's actually backing) and Silk (background, she found the birds first) in a area east of Julian (San Diego). The cover looks perfect, and I know there is some water around, but for some reason the bird populations are never very good. But I did get some nice work from Rose and Silk, and killed a couple of birds over their points, and had a very nice few hours walk, so who could complain?
By the way, Silk will be 15 in January. Anyone have a picture of an older bird dog pointing wild birds? She has never run big, but she will hunt all day, she handles birds well, and we've killed a lot of birds together. I'd take another one just like her if I could.

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