Monday, June 15, 2009

California DFG allies with HSUS ?

It seems as though the California Department of Fish and Game has accepted $7,500 from HSUS - the premiere anti-hunting and animal rights group - and announced a 'partnership' with the East Coast-based animal rights organization. Read it Here.

Maybe they are planning on selling bird watching licenses... or maybe they are just selling out. Whaddya think?


Holly Heyser said...

I think DFG takes money where it can get it, and I think rejecting the money would've made a martyr of HSUS - which you never want to do to your enemy.

Mike Spies said...

You may be right, but I doubt that HSUS would even publicize the rejection. Now 'ol Wayne is crowing, and feels that they have bought into the game with no real ante.

HSUS has been putting on a full court press in California. Any concession to them is progress for them.