Sunday, May 10, 2009

SB250 is not going away - action needed!

In a nutshell, the current SB 250 - introduced by Senate Majority Leader Senator Dean Flores of Bakersfield - is an ugly piece of legislation. This is a "One Strike" law that would require the spaying or neutering (at the owners expense) of any intact dog for any infraction of the dog or owner, except excessive barking. It would also require that any OTHER intact dogs of that owner also be spayed or neutered.

So, if your dog is unlicensed, gets loose for any reason, or is the subject of any complaint, you are guilty, and your dog(s) will have to be altered - and you must pay for the surgery - before you get them back from the animal control agency.

There is no legal recourse, as the only appeal provided in SB250 is the animal control people who are charged with enforcing the law!

This is a Draconian piece of legislation that has the finger prints of the HSUS all over it, and reeks of politics, as the sponsor is leveling his sights on a run for Lt. Governor in the next election.

Write a letter (not an e-mail) and fax it to every politico in Sacramento, starting with your own state Senator. It is time to deal another defeat to HSUS.

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