Monday, May 4, 2009

From an earlier time

My friend Paul Garrett of Denver recommended Jack Harper's book, Bird Dogs and Field Trials. He even located a copy for sale by a used book specialist. So, of course, I bought it.

Inserted between the pages I found the photo above. Obviously a well heeled young man (note the slim 20 gauge side by side) who bears a striking resemblance to Dennis Hopper. A younger Dennis Hopper, anyway.

I wonder who he was? Or is. What are the bloodlines of that pointer? A mystery.

I'll review the book soon, but I need to read it twice. 


Andrew Campbell said...

The picture makes the whole book worthwhile! Fantastic. And now another book for me track down.


Craig Peters Warrens, WI 443-206-1091 said...

That's exaclty what I thought, it looks like Dennis Hopper. I have the book, it's a great read on the way they used to do things and his insight into Ranger and Smokey - both which had influence on the pointer and setter.

Someone gave me a copy of Horace Lytle's 'How to Train Your Bird Dog' (1943 with recopy) which is an interesting read - most interesting chapter is of course 'Pennsylvania Grouse Dogs' and his 65 year old remarks would be of interest to you western AA guys. Anyway it had a slip in it for a subscription to the American Field that I still have. I think it was less than $5.

Peter Houser said...

A great picture. Emphasis is on a nice bird dog, an elegant gun, and a well-dressed man. No piles of dead birds. A single feather poking out of a pocket would have been a nice touch.

The clothes in these old photos always present me with a dilemma. Most of my bird hunting is a pretty athletic endeavor - balancing on a chukar slope, hiking miles on the Montana praire, keeping my feet on a hillside looking for quail. I try to dress neatly, without camo, but the coat-and-tie and dress shoes just would not work. But I do know some folks that dress more nicely - Clair Kofoed comes to mind - and sometimes I think I should go in that direction. Maybe next year.