Thursday, May 21, 2009

New F350

My old Ford Expedition is getting long in the tooth with 185,000 miles under it. It required two stops at Ford dealers (Havre, MT and Lewiston, ID) last Fall while on the road. So today I bought a 'like new' Ford F350 Super Duty crew cab turbodiesel (7.3L) with 65K miles to replace the Expedition as my hunting truck. It has all the whistles and bells that the Expedition has, but has decidedly more life in it.

Next on the agenda is a capper like the one that Bob Welch built, and outlined in the post earlier. Then I will go to work on the Airstream getting ready for Fall.


Mntmaniac said...


As you well know, it's never too early to start planning for the following Fall....glad to see you have already begun. Cheers!

mdmnm said...

Cabela's has heavy rubber mats that are manufactured to fit a pickup bed pretty exactly. They do a good job as bedliners and, unlike plastic bedliners, stuff back there doesn't slide around on them. Enjoy the new rig.

Mike Spies said...

The bed is currently painted. I am thinking of a pray in bedliner, like Rhinoline or Linex. Any ideas?

Andrew Campbell said...

Mike: congratulations on the new ride! We have a spray-in Rhino liner, seems to work nicely so far.

Sketching out fall plans ourselves! Not sure when I'll be coming to work!


mdmnm said...

I have no experience with the spray-in liners. I had a plastic liner in a previous truck and didn't like it as well as the rubber mat, even if it did protect the sidewalls.

Scampwalker said...

Congrats -- love that new truck smell. Probably smart to buy from the last solvent car company in the U.S. (I drive a "Fiat Ram." Here's hoping gas stays below four bucks!

-Scampwalker (