Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Details on Bob's Dog Box

Bob Welch of WingWorks provided some additional photos of the construction of the dogbox/fiberglass cap that he built. He also sells the complete doors shown in the photos at a reasonable price. He has promised some drawings, too.

Here is the rear view with the back wall removed, allowing a look at the interior of the rear two boxes. Note the open rubber matting in the bottom of the boxes... this and an armload of grass hay keeps the dogs up off the bare, cold  aluminum floor. Easy to clean, too.

Below is the view of the internal partition showing the careful scribing and cutting for a close fit against the carpeted interior of the ARE shell...

This is the rear wall divider removed. Note the 'L' bend at the bottom that allows for attachment to the floor of the kennels. Bob built with 'L' bends and angle brackets with bolts and Nylock nuts to make assembly and disassembly quick and doable at home.

I am assembling parts and ordering an ARE shell for my pick-up. Hope to have one like this built in a month or so. I'll post some pictures.


Andrew Campbell said...

Didn't somehow twig that this was the same Bob Welch (of Wingworks) in the first post. Now I am not at all surprised that he came up with something this ingenious. I have one of his vests and love it. Let him know when you see him next for me.

Very cool.


Scampwalker said...

The brilliance of this is that you can lift the whole shebang off your truck when you need the full payload for hauling stuff. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing!


Jon Uhart said...


Where's he getting the doors? I'm thinking of a retrofit to my existing ARE topper.