Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Why do you hunt?"

"But I do still hunt, and when someone occasionally asks me why it occurs to me that the only reason we have brains large enough to formulate that question is that our distant ancestors got the extra protein it took to evolve the organ by supplementing their diets with meat, first as scavengers, then as hunters. Hunting made us who and what we are. It is in our nature more deeply than clothing, tools or language."
From Fool's Paradise by John Geirach


Dale Hernden said...

Love it!

mdmnm said...

Geirach is great. Nice quote!

I particularly like his opinion of blue grouse (though I don't recall the essay it came from) that goes something like "Grouse is saved for serious game dinners to be followed by good port or a seduction."

Mike Spies said...


Why waste a perfectly good blue grouse on something that would probably be achieved with a rib eye, a bottle of pinot, and a Sinatra CD?

mdmnm said...

Pretty funny!

But I don't know. In my dating experience (up to a couple of years ago) red meat didn't go over too well very often. Sometimes meat or fish you killed yourself also resulted in green gills, but then that could be a good indicator of incompatible world views right there.

The bottle of pinot is indispensable in any case, of course!