Monday, August 4, 2008

Animal Rights - beyond propaganda to violence

Reading todays SF Chronicle, the front page carries a story of firebombings and harassment in Santa Cruz, CA. 

Santa Cruz - The devices used in two firebombings targeting UC Santa Cruz biologists are similar to some used in the past by animal rights activists, investigators said Sunday.

The bombs were so powerful they were like "Molotov cocktails on steroids," said Santa Cruz police Capt. Steve Clark.

One struck the home of assistant biology Professor David Fieldheim on Saturday morning, forcing him to flee with his family. The other exploded just a few minutes earlier outside the campus home of a second researcher.


Clark Said the bomb at Feildheim's house was similar to those used by animal rights extremists in the past, adding, "There are instructions on how to make it on their websites."

The article went on to report other AR violence, including assault, home invasion, and another recent firebombing in Southern California. 

These firebombers are terrorists willing to put the lives of other people in serious jeopardy - and their actions are considered by the FBI anti-terror task force to be 'terrorism and attempted murder'.  Apparently, they feel that their cause justifies any action, even actions that lead to loss of life or the serious destruction of property. 

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