Monday, July 25, 2016

A dog's life could be a lot better

I was in Jamaica last month. Jamaica, like most third world countries, is hard on animals - especially dogs. Over the years we have adopted a number of dogs at our place in Jamaica and fed quite a few as well. Daily survival for many people in Jamaica does not leave much bandwidth for caring for animals. 

In 2009 Tammy Browne of Montego Bay, Jamaica committed to action on behalf of these stray animals that would otherwise have short and hungry lives. The Montego Bay Animal Haven began. Tammy funded this out of her own pocket and she shelters these dogs at her home near Montego Bay. Since 2009, approximately 1,000 animals have been re-homed. Tammy is active in education at schools in Jamaica and is promoting animal wellness with a rolling programme of clinics, run in conjunction with both local and overseas veterinary professionals. When I spoke with Tammy, she had nearly 100 dogs in her care. These dogs are mostly medium sized, brown "street dogs"… what Tammy calls Royal Caribbean Terriers. This work is a full-time job, but not a paying business. She depends on donations to do this work. 

Interestingly, and counter to the claims made by HSUS and other organizations that appeal for funds to 'save the animals', no kill shelters in many parts of the USA seem to have a shortage of adoptable dogs and are importing them from Mexico, the Phillipines, Bosnia, and Jamaica. Tammy has established a relationship with Baypath Humane Society, a no-kill shelter based in Boston, MA.

It is, in my experience, rare to find someone with the courage and commitment to act as Tammy has done. But knowing her, I cannot imagine that she would do otherwise. If you would like to help, send a check to:

PO Box 7022
Reading PO,
St James, Jamaica
I promise that your dollars will be well spent.


Linda said...

I think it is a wonderful and rewarding experience to help animals in need.

Unknown said...

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