Thursday, February 5, 2015

Maggie matures

Maggie has clearly transitioned this year from eager young pup to proficient bird dog.  She has pointed sharps in Montana, chukar in Utah and Nevada, and quail in Arizona, all without any breach of manners (well, maybe once ). I'm very pleased with that progress.

One oddity: she has the most relaxed point of any bird dog I have ever encountered.  As I approach a point she seems to be smiling, relaxed, watching me come closer, tail high but waving.  No bug eyed, every muscle tense, classic pose.  As I get close she will stiffen just a bit, particularly if I raise a hand to caution her to be staunch.  I've about decided that I don't care.  We don't compete in trials, and we kill plenty of birds, and we both are having great fun.   Seems like enough.

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Mark Coleman said...

I have a friend whose dog would sit down on point if it took too long to get to her. Good, solid point for a few minutes, then she'd ease into a sit, then stand back up and point when you got close. Funny as hell.