Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving and a conundrum

Thanksgiving – two daughters, two dinners – bloat recovery and football. Thinking of hunting. 

I have much to be thankful for – family, friends and dogs. Time and enough money for traveling to places that I love to go.

So, the conundrum. When young, despite having a lifetime ahead of me, I ran from one thing to another. And the time passed quickly. Now that I am older, despite having less than a lifetime ahead of me, I am not in such a rush. And it works out that I can see more, learn more, do more... and that is infinitely more satisfying. So I am thankful. I hope that you all have the same good fortune.


Gary Thompson said...

Mmm, those tails! Lots of size 16 Bread Crusts lying there. Great Caddis fly! Something else to add to your spare time list. A man of leisure. I envy you.

Mike Spies said...

Gary -- I have a chest of drawers full of tying materials. I am particularly fond of soft hackle flies and have ruffed grouse, blue grouse, sharp-tail grouse, chukar, Hungarian partridge, snipe, woodcock, and starling skins to help me pass dreary winter evenings.

The breadcrust pattern is indeed an excellent caddis imitation, and so is the standard partridge and orange.

Mark Coleman said...

No conundrum, just the same paradox of youth being wasted on the young that we all move through. The running from thing to thing is like eating at a buffet. The first time around you try it all and eat so much you can't hold any more of the really good stuff. The next time you go back with a bit more focus. I'm a big fan of gorging on subsequent trips.