Saturday, March 12, 2011

Top All-Age setter derbies

I was looking at the Setter Awards web page and noticed that three of the top 5 All-Age setter derbies (Gertrude, Drifter & Jet) are from the same litter. 
  1. Gertrude - Hal Meyer, owner/Sheldon Twer Handler
  2. Southwind Jetset Drifter - Michael Eades, owner/Jim Michaletz Handler
  3. Skydancer Dancing Bull - Dennis Lutynski, owner & Handler
  4. Horizon's Jetsetter - Terry Erickson/owner & Handler
  5. Acuff's Hytest Apollo - Roger Acuff, owner/Colvin Davis, Handler
This is the same breeding that produced my pup Cody. I hope that he can do as well as these 5 young dogs are doing. Congratulations to their owners and handlers!

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