Monday, February 1, 2010

Belated congratulations

Will and Lizzie in Montana in October
A note of congratulations is due to my friend, Will Pennington, who ran his two pointers, Liz and Riley, at the Chicahominy Field Trial Assn.  US Complete trial in November. And won with both dogs, beating Aubrey Morgan's National Amateur CH Pinekone Spade in the process. Results as reported below:
Chicahominy Field Trial Assoc. 
November 22, 2009
Amateur Shooting Dog-18
1st Tailhook Lizzie               W. Pennington  W. Pennington
2nd Quinton Oak Budlight   J. Lewis            J. Lewis
3rd Pinekone Spade         A. Morgan           A. Morgan
Amateur Derby-5
1st Tailhook Riley               W. Pennington  W. Pennington
2nd Wright’s Precious Jodie  A. Wright     A. Wright


Andrew Campbell said...

Congratulations, Will! Lizzie's one nice looking dog.


Craig Peters Warrens, WI 443-206-1091 said...

Way to go Will. Nice meeting you in Vah-ginia last month. Looks like I have a really busy spring coming up but maybe see you again in the field with those dogs this time.


Peter Houser said...

Congratulations Will, and nice picture. Is that the Little Rockies in the background? Nice spot. Hope I can met you there some time - or perhaps someplace equally pleasant.

Will Pennington said...

Thanks Fellas. We certainly caught the breaks that day. I missed a couple of events in Jan due to Liz being in season but we're looking forward to the remainder of the Spring.

Craig - hope to see you again soon. Mickey is a hell of a dog. The similarities between he and Ted are uncanny.

Pete - those are in fact the Little Rockies. BEAUTIFUL country as you well know. Would love to meet up with you there.