Friday, August 22, 2008

Canine reproduction and other stuff

Thanks to Shawn Wayment, DVM - Birddogdoc) - for his excellent article on canine reproduction. Very informative!

Joe Spoo - Gundogdoc - has a new, field bred cocker puppy. I have had no experience with cockers since I was a boy, when my dad had a series of cockers. They are always busy. My setters seem pretty laid back (at least in the house) by comparison.

I wish I was a vet... I could be 'Anotherdogdoc', maybe. 

Steve Bodio and friends are always dredging up random weirdness. One of the latest is the good 'ol boys who had a press conference in Palo Alto, claiming to have Bigfoot in a freezer, but they just showed pictures of a gorilla looking thing with some ugly entrails in a box... hard to figure what they are after.

I am in the process of planning for fall, starting with a Dove opener with Pete Houser in Southern California - whitewings on the menu. Then North Dakota, Montana, Oregon, and a trip to Arizona for the only species of American quail that I have not hunted or seen - Mearn's quail. 

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Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...


Thanks for the post! As always...I enjoy your blog!!!!!

We'll give you the honory title of "Anotherdogdoc"!!!8-)

I can't wait to hear all about your fall travels! Before you chase Mearn's quail in AZ we'll have to chat...I went last year!!! I know you'll love's a cross between chukar hunting and ruff grouse hunting!