Friday, June 20, 2008

Medical care in the field

Shawn Wayment (BirdDogDoc) is a Vet and bird dog man. He has a great blog - BirdDogDoc Chronicles - and has posted a comprehensive list of what is needed in a first aid kit in the field. From his blog...

"Bird dogs are faced with many perils in the field, so it's very important to carry a field first aid kit and know a few basic dog first aid procedures. Another important thing is to have a veterinarian that understands field dogs and the rigors that they are challenged with in the field. Have your veterinarian help you get a good first aid kit together for this fall."

I know how handy a first aid kit can be - one of Pete Houser's setters tore her shoulder on a piece of barbed wire in Oregon a couple years ago, and Pete, Clair and I stitched her up with dental floss. Would have done much better if we had the first aid kit that Shawn recommends.

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