Monday, May 19, 2008

Mandatory Spay/Neuter on

An article leaning AGAINST mandatory spay and neuter has appeared on

The article sites increased health risks and behavioral problems - problems that spay/neuter has traditionally been thought to alleviate - are linked to spaying and neutering of dogs.

Very interesting is the statement from an HSUS spokesperson recommending that spay/neuter is a personal choice - after the many millions they have spent pushing these laws. It is NOT out of character for HSUS to misrepresent their agenda to mainstream media - standard procedure, in fact. They have not changed their radical Animal Rights agenda one iota - just the message when fund raising may be at risk.

Here is the first bit of the article...

As legislators push for more mandatory spay and neuter laws for pets as young as 4 and 6 months in hopes of reducing the number of unwanted animals, critics are crying foul over research showing that such surgeries may raise certain health risks in dogs and therefore shouldn't be required.

Studies have shown that dogs that undergo spaying (removal of the ovaries and uterus) or neutering (removal of the testicles) are at increased risks for certain cancers, thyroid disorder, incontinence and some of the same behavior issues, such as aggression, that the surgeries are said to prevent. 

I strongly recommend that those of you who live in states, counties or municipalities currently that currently have, or or considering, such laws send this information to your lawmakers. They are politicians, mainly, but could possibly understand something written very simply and targeted at a mass audience.

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