Thursday, March 28, 2013

Less protein, more fat, better nose?

A new study reported by Science Daily suggests that decreasing protein to 18% and increasing fat intake improved dogs' detection ability. AKA, the sniff test.

Veterinarian Joseph Wakshlag, chief of nutrition at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, and his team found that decreasing protein intake to 18% and increasing fat intake improved dogs' sniffing abilities. Less protein results in a faster return to normal body temperature after activity, which translates to better olfactory ability, according to Dr. Wakshlag. The study used a new research technique, completely evacuating residual fumes from testing areas, that contributed to higher detection accuracy, suggesting dogs' detection abilities are better than previously thought.

This suggests that the high protein kibble options so often preferred may be a contributing cause to slow recovery to normal temperature after exercise. Might be worth some study if it would improve recovery rates.

Thanks to Charlie Hjerpe DVM for sending along the link.

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