Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jessi at Seven Months

Most of month six was spent on yard work: working on her recall (here), healing, and whoa.  A pinch collar and e-collar were introduced in the process, for correction, after the here, heel, and whoa commands had been used many times in preliminary yard work.  At this time Jessi is responding well to these commands in the yard and in the field.

I have been running Jessi regularly in the bird field.  Initial bird work was begun on pigeons planted in launchers.  I will generally only put birds out for her one in every three times in the field.  By running her "dry", between her sessions with birds, it reduces the likelihood of false points, and when I do put birds out it's always in a different location.  She is holding her point well, waiting for me get to the front before rushing in to flush, then chasing for quite a distance.

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Mike Spies said...

Looking good there, Jared!