Sunday, March 31, 2013

Maggie seems bent on self destruction

I spent the weekend with family at my folks' cabin near Tehachapi (southern sierra nevadas).  Each day I walked with the pups from their place (5700') to the top of Bear Mountain (7,000'), a very pretty hike and good exercise for all.  Saw several mountain quail, always a treat.

Maggie as usual was a walking disaster ...

First day she got a bit lost, not a big deal, that's why I have the Astro on her.  Took 20 minutes to run her down though.

Second day she was out on a cast for longer than usual so I whistled her back before continuing down the mountain.  She came back slowly, and when she got close she looked "punch drunk", staggering and tripping as she walked.  It was way too cold for snakes so I looked her over a bit and then headed down the mountain.  Looked more carefully when we got back and found a 1/2" gash under her left armpit.  Cleaned it up well with betadayne, applied some antibiotic ointment, and used three staples to hold eveything in place.  Not really a bad cut, skin was not pulling, everything pretty clean, it should heal up well.

She recovered completely by the end of the day and now I'm wondering what happened.  Maybe she was running hard, catapulted off a large rock, and landed in brush / more rock?  Can't really know, but glad that she seems to be OK.

Thank goodness for the Astro.

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Mike Spies said...

Pete - Maggie has had her share of adventures, for sure. We just hope that, as she matures, she will learn to avoid some of these mishaps.