Friday, September 13, 2013

Which ones to keep?

I don't like to own guns that I don't use.  My current favorites are a 16ga A-grade Fox and a 16ga Lindner Daly.  Both are outstanding upland guns and they are likely to be my primary upland battery for many years.

But I have a couple of gorgeous British 12ga best guns  ...

A Westley Richard droplock and a Purdey island lock.  I think they are among the most lovely guns ever built and I shoot both of them quite well.  But I have not shot them much for at least the last 5 years so now I am wondering if it is time for someone else to enjoy them for a while.  No one really owns guns like these, you are just the caretaker for a while, and eventually it is time to let go.  Something to ponder over the coming months.


Josh said...

Those are both beauties. Its nice to have choices.

Andrew Campbell said...

Pete: I know what you mean. I was so happy to shoot my 1879 Grant hammer gun out in South Dakota this summer. I shot my first wild bird double with it.

But I am still the current caretaker. I know what you mean exactly about that, too, as I could never have come by this gun without a friend with a similar philosophy.

All best

Сергей Мухин said...

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