Friday, September 13, 2013

Low blood sugar, etc.

I got out for a walk with my pups this morning east of San Diego.  Temps had finally dropped a bit and we had a couple of nice hours.  Then Maggie ran out of gas quite suddenly and, a few minutes later, lay down with mild convulsions.  That scared me a bit so I walked / carried her back to the car as fast as we could get there.  Headed straight to the vet and found that her blood sugar was 53; should be between 75 and 125.  Went home and got some glycocharge and some food into her, this afternoon she seems to be fine.  The vet is going to do comprehensive blood work but I suspect I just need to carry some glycocharge with me on walks over an hour or so.  Anyone else have similar experiences?

On a related topic, I've been using electronic maps from Hunting Maps USA for a couple of years and they have really paid off.   This morning I was on national forest land that a couple years ago I thought was private.  It was a lovely valley, ringed with oaks and chaparral; we pushed a covey of quail and saw a small flock of turkeys.  Those who prospect best find the most birds, and these maps really help the prospecting.


Crazy Uncle Larry said...

This happened to my setter while mountain biking this spring. I gave her a bunch of salami and peanut butter treats but still took her in to the vet. Her blood sugar was low but acceptable when we did initial testing, but I'm sure 3 hours of riding when I knew she didn't eat much prior did her no favors.. Now I give her cans of wet food prior to periods of long exercise to ensure she has the fuel to sustain herself. They get too excited to eat in the morning when they know fun is on the horizon..

Hope your pup is well and good luck to you all this fall.

Peter Houser said...

All is well. The full blood work came in this morning and there are no problems. I've carried glycocharge on walks over three hours but this one was shorter and I thought it would not be needed. Guess I was wrong. Glycocharge before and during in the future.