Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter may be coming, or maybe not

Settling in for the winter season – assuming that it WILL arrive at some point.

Did the usual merry gluttony season. No visible change, but I need to moderate the goodies while watching endless bowl games – the Potato Bowl, the Ginsu Knife Bowl, the Drano Bowl, ad nauseam. These peculiar events take up TV airtime at the expense of Republican primary coverage, which is AOK with me. Bummed that Stanford lost to Oklahoma State in a bowl game wherein they outplayed their opponent, but have lost no sleep over it.

Pete and I made a short hunt for quail on the Carrizo Plains last week and had fun while finding only a couple bevies. They seem to have been pounded into a fever of sprinting and distant flushes. Had a wonderful time in an area that always seems to be empty.

Pete got the best Christmas present imaginable from his lovely wife, Diane -- the green flag to shop for a new setter puppy. Outstanding.

Dogs are doing fine. I ran Ted in a little Shooting Dog stake and he picked up another placement. He doesn't seem to be too excited about it, though. I am working Cody and Tommy on birds and getting them to stand to the flush, shot, and fall. Cody is doing it very well, and I have hopes that I will get Tommy broke one day before too long. Cody has a future as a field trial dog, but I am not pressing him to run a bunch of derby stakes – he is qualified and I intend to take my time and get him ready for adult stakes beginning this coming fall.

On the horizon – Spring field trials, fishing season, and Summer.

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Dale Hernden said...

Happy New Year Mike