Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New (old) books

For a couple bucks a copy I found these two books on Amazon.com

Practical Education of the Bird Dog  for Hunting and Field Trails by J. A. Sanchez Antunano
Modern Breaking - A Treatise on the Rearing, Breaking and Handling of Setters and Pointers - by William A. Bruette

I am always a sucker for old sporting books. I also enjoy learning a bit more about dog training. If I find something that I want to share here, I'll post it up...


Henry Chappell said...

I have a real soft spot for Practical Education of the Pointing Dog. After my father died, I found a copy in his "Dog Folder." Now it sits on my shelf alongside, Tarrant, Duffy, Falk, and others who'll be rediscovered by future generations of pointing dog lovers.

PBurns said...

Brilliant idea cruising Amazon for old copies of good stuff. Let's face it, the old tactile books are better than the (even free) downloads of the old classics.

The funny thing about the old dog training books is that we are always being told that the old dog trainers were all abusive, but I have generally not found that to be true. I may not be as well read as some, however, and would love to hear where people found "the horror." Breaking dogs sounds bad, but of course I have read a dozen books with similar titles and it was taken from horses... nothing to do with beating dogs. The terrier span was taken from horses too -- a silly way to measure a dog!


Peter Houser said...

Mike, I have the book "How to Train Hunting Dogs" in my library,(c) 1942, by William Brown. It came to me from my grandfather, Bob Brush, and he wrote on the inside cover "In memory of Bach & many pleasant days with him". Bach was a Weimie in the days when the breed still hunted and I've found records showing that Bach won several events while being handled by Bob. I'll show it to you next time we hunt together.

Andrew Campbell said...

Thanks for posting these, Mike. This past year I've been thoroughly enjoying reading Horace Lytle's books -- How to Win at Field Trials, How to Train Your Bird Dog, No Hunting? -- and while I have a couple of other older books which clearly advocate whupping a dog to break it, I'd agree with Pat that most of the trainers who also wrote (in that order)genuinely cared about their dogs.

All best wishes to everyone

Gary Thompson said...

I'm not a betting man, but I'd almost be willing to wager you'll find a few tidbits in those pages.