Monday, June 6, 2011

Sportsmen for Responsible Energy Development

I have written about the threat of energy development on Western lands. The seemingly willy-nilly issuance of oil and gas leases has dwarfed the Gold Rush in 1849.

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Gary Thompson said...

I appreciate your point of view and agree with many of your remarks. This might provide an alternative perspective though. Many are quick to jump on the band wagon of attacking industry. Hell, it's easy! I would be the first to admit that industry hasn't been kind to habitat, particularly in the O&G business. That said, its nice to see that some corporations are getting out in front of the issue and trying to explore natural resources with a commitment toward conservation. It is an imperfect world filled with many demands to satisfy our growing population, but this is nice step in the right direction. Personally, I'm in the all we need is a good old fashion plague camp.

Mike Spies said...


My concern is that, given the history of poor federal oversight or environmental issues on public lands in the West, and the speed with which wholesale assignment of leases for oil and gas exploration have been issued. Lease COULD contain a number of requirements that would help preserve sage grouse habitat, but many leases have already been issued without the best science governing the environmental caveats.

Sportsmen and environmentalists have the right to form groups and lobby to protect western lands from unnecessary destructive practices. Industry will respond to regulation, but they will not do the right thing out of the goodness of their hearts.