Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer camp

I have not posted in about a month... sorry. I have been busy with the business and have been making plans for the Summer.

I've been talking to Paul Garrett, making plans to go to eastern Montana for a Summer training camp. So as it stands right now I will be heading to Montana at the end of July for 6 weeks of fun training and running my setters. When we are done, I expect to spend a few weeks just bird hunting in Montana or Saskatchewan. I have never been able to spend that much focused time training, and jumped at the chance to do so... especially with such an experienced 'setter man'.

I expect to post some photos and notes, as well as get Cody green broke for his derby season, and work with Tommy and Ted on sharptails.


Mark Coleman said...

If you're trying to make me jealous it worked.

Andrew Campbell said...

Mike: congratulations on getting some time away! I feel blessed to be able to do much the same thing -- and will head out for AZ this coming weekend to work with Bill Gibbons again, and to return to NYC in September.

Looking forward to taking the red-dogs and our newest, Jake. He might not be a setter, but he sure has a long tail.


Craig Peters Rising Sun, MD 443-206-1091 said...

Daaaamn Man!

Gary Thompson said...

Crap! That sound like a wonderful time. I hope I get a chance to spend that much concentrated time with my dogs. Maybe someday.