Monday, November 10, 2008

Tommy's first horseback placement

I ran Tommy in the Open Derby stake yesterday at the Santa Clara Valley Bird Dog Club trial at the Narbaitz Ranch near Little Panoche, California. This was his first trial, and he placed second in the event. He handled fairly well, ran big, hit more objectives than the competing dogs, and did well for a 15 month old dog. 

Tommy's sire, 2X CH Jetsetter, just won the All Age championship at Inola and finished Runner- up Champion at the Region 8 Open All-Age Championship. He is now qualified for the National Bird Dog Championship at Ames Plantation in February. I will be rooting for him, Allen Vincent (his trainer/handler) and Jim Michaletz, his breeder and owner.

Ted ran in the Twer Walking Shooting Dog Classic, but went with the second bird he found after the flush and shot. A 'tame' bird right under his nose was just toooo much after all the wild bird hunting we have done this fall. Back to the training field.


Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

Way to Go Tommy!

Congrats Mike!


Andrew Campbell said...

Mike: well done to you and Tommy! We're having a blistering season already with our little guy, as well. It's certainly great to have others recognize your dog's ability.