Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rosie and Ted

Pete snapped this photo of Rosie and Ted pointing sharptails across a gully in Montana. Rosie on the left, Ted on the right. Pretty, eh?


Andrew Campbell said...

Looks like the little guy has a future! Awesome stuff.


Mike Spies said...

Rosie got to the birds first, but Ted slipped in and 'stole' the front position. A bad habit of his that will get him tossed out of a field trial one day.

At three years Ted is becoming a bird dog, and except for a few (and I think minor) faults, he is a nice dog. Rosie is a bit older, but I would rate them about even in the bird finding department.

Peter Houser said...

Thanks for posting that picture. I wish I had spent more time steadying the camera before I snapped the photo; it could have been spectacular. Those points, and the subsequent relocations to find the birds 250 yards away, were some of the nicest dog work we had in Montana.

I really enjoy watching Rosie and Ted working together. Ted is like a halfback - fast and very powerful. Rosie is more like a wide receiver. The two of them look very good together on the ground.

Dale Hernden said...

Cool! Did the birds hold until you got there?

Mike Spies said...

Dale: The birds held and we got up to the covey, but we performed a lateral Fuster Cluck on the flushing part. Dogs did it right, we didn't.