Friday, May 30, 2008

Book reviews

I have always been a reader - fiction, hunting, shooting, bird dogs, anthropology, history, etc. I would like to share some book reviews from time to time.
One of my favorite books on the subject of bird hunting is Pheasants of the Mind, by Datus Proper.  This book is still in print and deserves a good read by anyone who has followed a dog in the uplands. Far from a 'how to' book, or perhaps the ultimate work on pheasant hunting, springing from a complete hunter's world view.  In any case, Datus Proper writes very well and provides a literate presentation of a subject that has been hacked over hundreds of times. A quote from the book...

... on this continent there are still wide fields and wild pheasants, if that is what you like. It is what I like. I'd rather hunt one bird than shoot many. I want sunburned grass, golden stubble, gray barns, red rose hips, dogwoods turning purple, and miles to go before I sleep.

I highly recommend this book, and if you have already read it, go back and read it again.


Jimmy Neutron said...


Enjoy the blog and am glad you've added this feature. I'm in need of some new reading material. Look forward to any recommendations on natural history, ecology, etc.


Mike Spies said...

Will, will do.