Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Protecting our bird dog heritage

Wayne Pacelle of HSUS.

Animal ownership has come under increasing attacks by several groups - the most prominent of which are the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). 

The HSUS are the folks who ran TV spots during the Hurricane Katrina crisis and solicited funds to 'save the animals'. Despite the words "Humane Society" on their letterhead, HSUS is NOT affiliated with your local animal shelter; It does not take in sprays, run spay and neuter programs, or even contribute to organizations that do this important work. No, HSUS is big, rich, powerful, and has a political agenda - no less than the elimination of the private ownership of ALL animals. This might seem silly, but they have over $100 MILLION dollars - a large portion of which was donated by unsuspecting people who believed the TV ads and sent their money in to 'save the animals' during the Katrina disaster. None of the that money was spent on the ground in the afflicted area, and no HSUS people were there to help with rescue - they were there to film TV spots and raise money for the war chest to accomplish their political agenda.

PETA is described by as "the most successful radical organization in America". They are dedicated to 'total animal liberation'. This means no zoos, laboratory animals, farm animals and their by-products, no dogs, cats, or hampsters. No leather and no meat... they even oppose companion animals and guide dogs for the blind. 

According to PETA co-founder, Alex Pacheco, "...arson, property destruction, burglary and theft are 'acceptable crimes'  when used for the animal cause." I don't think I need to add anything more to that, except to note that they spent just over $25 million dollars in 2004 to further their objectives.

These organizations and others that they are affiliated with and/or support are active in every state of the Union and abroad where they have pressed lawmakers to introduce laws aimed to harass and cripple pet owners, animal breeders, farmers, and kennels. The early targets of their wrath are hunters, sporting dog breeders, buyers, and transporters in California, Ohio, Pensyvannia, Michigan and other states. Do not expect them to just g away. Do not expect that the uniformed, but well-meaning, voters will not support the legislation that they sponsor.

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