Sunday, June 24, 2018

BBQ Season

The next best thing to bird season is BBQ season! I actually dusted off the gas grill about month ago, re-seasoning it with fatty chicken thighs and a few varieties of sausage; stuff that puts a nice gloss on the stainless steel grill. Today I was rifling through the fridge, checking the "best used by" dates on condiments, salad dressings, and pickled goodies, and came across a not-too-old bottle of soy sauce; I instantly thought of BBQ teriyaki chicken. Transforming soy sauce to teriyaki is simple, equal parts of each: soy sauce, water, and granulated sugar. So today I combined 2-cups of each ingredient in a stainless steel bowl and whisked it until the sugar was dissolved into the liquid. Then I sliced half a red onion, chopped a bunch of green onion, and added them to the teriyaki. I let the teriyaki and onion combination  marry a short time, then poured the mixture over the top of 12 chicken thighs I had placed in an porcelain baking dish. I'll let the chicken marinate a few hours on the kitchen counter before throwing it on the grill this evening. I recommend using indirect heat on your gas or charcoal grill when preparing teriyaki chicken.

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