Monday, January 22, 2018

The Reward

More often than not, about the only thing I come off the mountain with after a day spent chukar hunting is a pair of sore legs. When I do get a couple birds I usually pick them clean of feathers, and in the process, try to leave as much of the skin on them as I can; which is tough because it's so easily torn and separates from the body readily. Lately I've been brining my birds after I dress them out. I have found the skin seems to hold that salty brine in it, adding a lot of flavor to the bird. The brine also draws residual blood out of the body parts and adds some juiciness and flavor to the meat; just don't over cook it. Here I butterflied a brined bird, spiced it up with a little Kosher salt and coarse-ground pepper, and grilled it. On the side are a couple carrot halves and a slaw I dressed with a honey-dijon vinaigrette. The wine was a California Syrah.

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Mike Spies said...

Looks tasty, Jared. I agree on leaving the skin on birds - makes a tastier, juicier bird on the plate.