Sunday, January 15, 2017

L. J. -- lucky dog!

L.J. has a new home with a bird hunter in Colorado. He gets to go hunting quail, has a nine year old playmate, and gets to live in the house with his (very happy) new owner.

Pointing quail...


Peter Houser said...

Good for LJ.

Ken Barentsen said...

So Glad to have LJ as a hunting partner. I had to change his name to Harley a better fit. He runs big and powerful just like the motorcycle. Thanks for helping with his early training.

Ken B

Mike Spies said...

Ken -- I am so glad that you posted your comment on L.J. I like him a lot, but had too many dogs and 'busy' in my life to do him justice. Please post up from time to time to keep us posted.

John and I named him 'Little John' as a kind of joke... he is a grandson of the immortal Johnny Crockett, who was a diminutive setter - about 35 lbs. when he won the National... and L.J. is (obviously) a much bigger dog.

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