Monday, March 14, 2016

L. J. -- First trial, first placement

The youngest of my dogs, L.J. (for Little John) is 14 months old. He is the pup that had his airway cleared recently by surgery on his elongated soft palate. He is still in Montana with John McItrot while I recover from surgery for back ailments.

I had asked John to put L.J. in the derby at the Great Falls trial if the entry permitted and he thought L.J. was ready. I thought it would be good experience for the young dog.

Got a text from John on the weekend. L. J. placed second in the All-Age Derby event with a nice run. So his qualification is now in hand and we can move forward with his training.

John McIltrot styles up L.J. in a training session. Leaving L.J. in Montana for development and training was the right thing for him, I think.

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