Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How we roll...

I have been refining my hunting truck set-up and thought I would share the latest iteration. I still have the 4 dog topper and will use when needed, but I liked the idea of something a bit more flexible. 

My truck is an older (2001) F350 that does great towing my Airstream or my fishing boat. But I needed to add a few things to make it convenient for hunting trips. 

As a useable base, and to provide easy access to the contents of the truck bed, I installed a full length, roll-out Bed Slide that is 48 inches wide. On top I put an ARE shell with swing up side windows. The windows provide access to a Line-X coated ply box that sits within the bed rails - over the forward part of the bed. 

On the Bed Slide I fitted a poly 35 gallon potable water tank (48" X 18" X 10") and a small electric pump. This provides a means to carry plenty of water when I need to refill the tank on the Airstream or when camping out of the truck or if I just want to douse a dog.

My excellent friend and fellow blogger, Pete, made a very nice gun and 'stuff' drawer that fits on one side of the Bed Slide - leaving room for a storage box or a sliding tray for my Engel 45L fridge/freezer. Pete built it with 'double decker' drawers that occupy the center area and, somehow, boxes of sixteen gauge loads fit exactly in the top drawers. Thank you, Pete! The wire dog crates go on a piece of carpet on top of the box - ratchet strapped securely to the Bed Slide.

This works out to be a pretty good way to carry a couple bird dogs, four guns, a generous amount of ammo, a ton of hunting crap, a lot of water and nearly anything else you need to haul along.


Jared Tappero said...

Mike -
I like the idea of the wire crates and the swing-up side windows of the canopy. On a warn day the dogs can be crated and kept in the shade, and the side windows opened to allow a lot of cross ventilation. Good thinking. JT

Mike Spies said...

Jared - the wire crates also allow a view though the rear glass when backing up. A significant benefit.

Peter Houser said...

I started work on a new box for my truck today. 39" wide to match a pair of dog crates. I've got a plan in mind & will post pictures as it matures.