Friday, February 15, 2013

The National Championship again

As of right now there are two apparent leaders: Shadow Oak Bo - a setter male owned by Butch Houston and handled by Robin Gates, and Miller's Dialing In - pointer male handled and owned by Gary Lester. Bo (photo above) had seven finds and three backs, finishing the three hours to the front. Dailing In had seven finds, one unproductive, and finished the three hours well.

Every year there are a few setters running and the hope of setter enthusiasts for the first setter victory since 1970 is rekindled. But there are a lot of dogs yet to run, and luck of the draw plays a huge part in this game.

Still, I am pulling for Bo.

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Mark Coleman said...

I don't have anything against pointers nor am I a dyed-in-the-wool setter guy, but I'll admit that every year look on hoping that a setter will pull it out.