Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Raw And The Cooked

I purchased this book some time ago, and after reading it filed it away with the other favorites on the bookshelf, where for most of the year they sit collecting dust. But winter has a way of creating opportunities for dust-laden books to be resurrected from the shelves, to be dusted off and, if interest is peaked, opened for review. Such was the case for "The Raw And The Cooked". This book is a compilation of letters to friends, and articles from magazines, in which author and poet Jim Harrison goes into detail about fabulous meals, prepared both by himself and others in locales across the United States and the world. It is a must read for the hunter/epicurean.  JT


Mike Spies said...

Jared - I have a copy of Jim Harrison's the Raw and the Cooked. Very entertaining. I am a fan of Harrison and have almost everything published by him. Thanks.

Jared Tappero said...

Mike - I cook, but nothing like that! JT