Saturday, November 3, 2012

A special new gun

After several years of looking, I have found & purchased a 16ga Lindner Daly.  Many, many thanks to Mike & Ken for their help in the search.  I think that the action shaping complements the drop point panels very nicely.

And the wood is quite pretty, though would benefit from just a bit of freshening.

The barrels are a very nice Damascus but need to be re-browned (re-blacked actually) and do not photograph well at this point.

The gun came with a couple of interesting extras.  The leg-of-mutton case needs restoration but seems to be high-end pebbled leather.  Any recommendations for someone to do the work?

And tucked into the pocket of the case was an undisclosed extra:  a very unusual brass cleaning rod.  The handle unscrews into three pieces, revealing a screwdriver and a very small oil dispenser.  Quite a pretty little piece.

I'm quite pleased and have already killed a few birds with the gun.  I expect it will be a favorite for decades.


Main Line Sportsman said...

Gorgeous!! Good Hunting!

Andrew Campbell said...

Very nice, Pete! Nice to see old guns getting new lives.

I would suggest you give Peter Werner up in Maine a call regarding the case. He has done phenomenal case restoration for a mutual friend of mine and Mike's. Just search for Arno Werner Bookbinders and go into the products and services section.

all best

Dogsnbirds said...

A friend had his Leg of Mutton restored by George Pittelko in SC came out really nice. Ill see if I can get his contact details.