Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Indian Head Strike
A couple of months ago I made the decision to find a new home for Sue (Indian Head Strike).  It was apparent to me that Sue was going to be more of a foot hunting dog than a field trial dog, and finding a new home for her would give her the opportunity to do what she does best and give me the opportunity to train, and perhaps campaign, another field trial competitor.

Sue is just over two years old, steady to wing and shot, hunts and points with amazing intensity, and is a pleasure to be around.  Her lineage is about 90% Elhew and 10% Rock Acre Blackhawk. She is a great little bitch.  I got the word out and within a week Sue had a new home.  My friend Rick has a son, David, going to college in South Dakota; David lives to hunt birds, had lost his retriever last winter, and was ready for another bird dog

Sue was with me for a month before leaving for South Dakota.  I knew we needed to do some ground work with pheasant before sending her off to the big time, so I purchased a few birds and we held a couple sessions in my bird field.  The following weekend Rick's daughter Emily participated in a women's hunt at Honey Lake Wildlife Area, just east of Susanville, CA.  It was a great opportunity for me to test Sue's savvy on ringnecks before sending her off, and a great experience for Emily to hunt over a bird dog.  JT

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Mike Spies said...

Jared, I am pleased that you found Sue a hunting home... best thing for her. I expect that you will dial in some of the same stuff that your other club members are running... Craig Thompson's breeding?

BTW, I like your hat ;-)